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Spectrum 21

Here we have a book of extraordinary quality. And by that I don’t mean the presentation and quality paper. It’s more about the diversity and quality of art that is included in this fine publication. It contains all kinds of artistic fields and artists that define the visual media of today. No matter if games, movies or entertainment in general. No wonder that other editions of the book were nominated for a Hugo award. Quite amazing. This book actually would not even be on my radar if it weren’t for Lauren Panepinto at Orbit Books. Quite a while ago they used my ‘Phoenix Rising‘ piece for the cover of a Simon Morden scifi book. Lauren seemed to really like my picture and submitted it (as well as works by other artists) to the Spectrum folks. With a little luck my picture made it into the book. That was a great surprise. So a couple of weeks ago I received my copy of the book and want to show you some bits and pieces.

And my ‘Phoenix Rising‘ on page 52.

Find the book here – Spectrum 21



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