Arnou – The Royal Palace District

Arnou – The Royal Palace District

This one was a commission a couple of weeks ago for New Worlds Project ( A site about Scifi writing and roleplaying. The site gathered some very creative folks to give life to all the ideas of the world they are trying to create and visualize. May it be environments, places, cities, races and spaceships. My mission was it to show parts of Arnou. The capital city of the Rosebourg Monarchy (Info).

I’m glad the pic works, since I tried some new approaches in regards of city creation. Especially when you have to create a picture that demands to show the size of the place. The base was created with Vue along with quite some technical difficulties. But I managed to keep these under control. A lof of painting and refining in Photoshop to make it all as moody and accurate (to the descriptions) as possible.

Arnou – Creation Process.

Hope you like what you see and check out their site (mentioned above) and facebook page.

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And now I hope you enjoy the view!

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