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newsHere i have a small collection of pics regarding the exhibition that started 2 weeks ago. The bitterfeld wasserzentrum is a complex built off an old water reserve structure. Now it’s a well known place for schools to visit because they transformed it into a place of learning. Now you can learn everything about water, how we can handle and what we can do with it, there. Lots of great experiments you can try yourself at. A fun place! Like i earlier said, exhibition wise, it’s a nice thing to talk to people who are interested in what you’re doing and what you have to show. It can be quite a motivation and i had a nice time explaining my stuff. And, as far as i can tell, people enjoyed listening. All in all a very satisfying experience for me. And i think everyone who attended had a nice time too.



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  1. pebkac Says:

    Do the woo!

  2. Talec at devart Says:

    Looks awesome :D I’m diggin’ the colors in the bubbles photo (#8) X3

  3. Tigaer Says:


  4. Exhibitions Says:

    wow I must say I am very impressed. I love the effect you use on the first image (second picture from the left on the table). Do you have a larger digital version of this which I can look at? I would love to be able to produce pictures like that!

  5. Tigaer Says:

    not sure what pic you’re exactly talking about but i ‘guess’ it’s this one: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=145 =) – all the pics on the table can be found in my gallery here: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=18

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