Sojourn Of Faith


This is the basic cover art i created for the deus sceptrum ‘sojourn of faith’ album, which will be available soon. Target of this commission was it to create a kind of emotional lonely feeling even in a city where you’re probably surrounded by living things. Dark and depressing. Main character in this scene is the bridge that builds the key between our lonely person and the city. I guess we would love to know what the person is thinking. Even i don’t know.

Technically it’s photoshop all the way through. Photo plates, painting and manipulation.

Big thanks to Julia for playing the model ;p and to Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Awesome cities. Also thanks to Daniel from Deus Sceptrum.

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One Response to “Sojourn Of Faith”

  1. Carlos Vendramini Says:

    I use this image as the background of my Desktop.

    For some reason I really liked it and I think it tells a lot. Anyways, I tried to check out the Deus Sceptrum music (not the kind of music I dig honestly) but I think they don’t exist no more. Oh well.

    As far as your art goes Tigaer, keep up the good work, very impressive job.


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