Tigaer-Design.com v5

newsHere we are with version 5 of tigaer-design.com. It will allow you folks to leave some feedback and it will allow me to communicate with the people that visit my site. Lets see how it will work out. But at first we have to redesign this blog stuff to my needs. Updating and modifying several elements to make comments on pictures work.

Now after almost 2 months we managed to get some of the most important things done and hope to open the site soon.


*Chance for visitors to reply to events on this site. Like news, new pics and more.

*Easier handling for me.

To Do List:


01. Remove newslinks on top of comment pages DONE
02. Creating sites for the artworks (for comments) DONE
03. Removing posts from the news monthly archive undecided


04. About ME site (added)
05. Tools site (added)
06. Impressum Site (added)
07. Copyright Site (added)
08. Printshop Site (added)
09. Hire ME site (added)
10. Add misc gallery (added)
11. Adding a ‘to top’ button (added)
12. Optimizing the whole thing (will take forever)

Feel free to leave some feedback!



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  1. Arctic Says:

    Ooooooh. Nice. :)

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