The Legacy

My first painting in 2008. After a few more quiet settings in my paintings I had to create an ‘action’ piece for my portfolio. A painting which contains some eyecatching elements. Generally I would say this painting was not a planned one. It evolved while I played with it. The longer I worked on it the more detail I explored within the picture. I constantly got ideas on how to make it even more interesting. I guess you could interpret this painting as a recapitulation of my last years experience, just in case you want to have an explanation of a deeper meaning in this painting. In the end, once again, I worked too long on it. But the overall result is satisfying. It’s a nice addition to my collection… and very different to my usual works so far.

Technique wise I worked with a matte painting mixture again. I would settle the pic more into’paintings’ though. It is worked out very rough since I wanted a concept art like look. The new thing I tried in this painting was to use filters. A lot of filters. Mainly to create a certain kind of look for the brush strokes and other elements like textures. I still have to work on that technique and I think it will help me with a few things in the future. To add interesting foliage i used vuedesprit to create some stand ins.

30hrs – photoshop – vue – intuos 3 – 5200px wide

This wp pack contains 2 wp versions in different sizes:

1600×1200 – 1280×1024 – 1024×768 – 800×600 – ca 4mb

Detail shots to see the influence of the filters i used: link

Wallpapers can be found here.



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