This actually started as a pure just for fun project. I really needed something to do for my head since the recent time was a plain pain in the ass for me. That kind of explains the dark title. This picture helped me a bit. I found that castle/fortress stock on and asked the owner for permission to use it.

I got permission to use the following stocks:




Thanks to

So I accidently found that tower photo and started to play with it. Check some rough first steps here – somehow I got a drive for that pic and continued working on it. I did not go for my typical accurate way to work here. I wanted to keep it rough and sketchy. I made the pic for the atmosphere… not for the details.

When I came close to completion a friend mentioned “why not trying a night version”… I picked up the idea and worked out a second, slightly different, night version. The title here was chosen to help the viewer getting the right impression when looking at the pic. It’s night, dark, gloomy… you definitely don’t want to be outside at that god forsaken time. Then the cliché hits you with that howling wolf element. I think that brings together everything I intended for that night version.


Technically there is not much to say here. I found a photo which seduced me to work something out with it. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a very kind of sketchy look going on in this painting. I made this painting not wasting too much time on details. I wanted to create a certain atmosphere with colors, shadows and lighting. So the pic is, of course, far away from photorealistic. Even if I used photo elements to work with.

When I was done with the pic I decided to create different color versions of it. I was not sure how I wanted to have the painting look in the end. I think I decided myself for that golden shine one because I don’t have anything similar in my gallery yet… and the colors generally fit, the idea I had in mind, most.

30hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 5000px wide – 200dpi

Wallpapers can be found in the gallery.

See here for various concept stages.



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