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advanced photoshop uk - issue 50

After a small feature in the german edition of the advanced photoshop magazine i got invited to the uk version, with having a picture on the cover of their celebrated 50th issue of the magazine. A congratiulation to the makers of the magazine and a big thank you for the invitation! It’s quite a nice feeling to have your artwork on a cover of a professional magazine. Even if it’s only filling a small part of the cover. A brilliant idea, well executed. I enjoy it and hope the readers enjoy this great cover as well. :)

Beside that i want to say there were not much submissions to the site lately, but i promise to upload some new stuff soon. I have a finished painting, another addition to the comcept series, and another big one almost done. The first one is sci-fi’ish, techy and the second one more landscape based because it’s the result of an extensive vue render test i did a few weeks ago. I’ve also tried myself a bit in vehicular design. Spaceships, fighters and stuff. =) Finally learned a technique that really helps me with stuff like that. These will find their way into the concept art gallery hopefully sooner than later.

Oh and by the way, the picture featured on the cover is named HELL, and can be found here.

New stuff ahead! Stay tuned! Thank you very much.



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