This basically is a side project to a bigger picture i’m working on. Maybe a quarter of the left side of the full picture. I cropped the area off the big pic and thought the composition and atmosphere looked great. This had to be a pic on its own. This pic gives you a glimpse of how detailed the complete one will be in the end. I still have to do a lot of work on it so it will not be out any time soon. Also have to finish other things off within the next weeks.

The pic was done with matte painting techniques… but i decided to give it a painterly look in the end. So it’s far away from being photorealistic. Rendered in vue desprit and detailed in photoshop.

Wallpapers will be available as soon as the full image was completed. It’ll be quite a nice cityscape with some sweet atmospheric lighting going on. Stay tuned!

Original Specs:

3400px high – 10hrs ps work – intuos3 – vue – photoshop



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