Hades – Valiant

The second image of the ‘hades‘ project, and the one i really (i mean really) like. When i worked on the first image i had the idea with trying to show the same scene from another perspective. Clearly the hero objects are the huge antigrav towers again. First of all i just wanted to see if i can pull it off… and secondly i thought this would add much more depth and credibility to the concept of the world itself. I intended to create that scene similar violent as the first one but ended up with a more peaceful sunset/backlit setup. I’m a fan. And even if there already is so much stuff in my gallery, with a similar light setup, i think this one became something special nonetheless.

Basic 3d plate rendered in VUE and heavily manipulated in photoshop. The fact that i could drag over the resources from the first project, made it very easy to get the stuff done.
Original Specs:

3400px wide – 8hrs ps work – intuos3 – vue – photoshop

wallpapers available

CGTrader Digital Art Competition

windows 7 themepack
Windows 7 ‘Hades – Valiant’ Theme Pack -> Here – Just download and doubleclick to install – if you have any additional questions… just let me know!

All pictures in this Theme Pack are copyrighted by tigaer-design.com and may not used or reproduced without permission. Thank you very much.


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  1. BN Says:

    I’ve got the error when trying to download this theme, so hope you will fix the link soon ;)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    damn… added the right link. should work now. :) thanks for pointing me to the problem.

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