Hades Is Waiting

tigaer-design.com newsConcentrating on concept art these days. Trying to find a quick, dirty but yet nicely working technique. I’m playing a lot with filters and texturing within photoshop. Therefor i started ‘hades’. A small project which inspiration comes from, first of all, the 2019 L.A. seen in blade runner. (Got me the 5 disc final cut edition… if you’re a fan… no way around it. GET IT!) Another source was the planet hades in a game named privateer 2 from… 1996 or so? Those were the days! So yes, it’s cityscapes again. Two pieces showing a scene from different perspectives. One shows that it’s a pretty intense, atmospherically voilent environment. The other looks a bit more peaceful, with a perspective from within the city environment. Both made over the last 7 days, which is pretty fast for me. And one of them turned out to be one of my alltime favs. The artworks, along with wallpapers, will be available soon. Stay tuned!



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