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newsCG Chosen is a free online magazine featuring the best of the best digital artists available on the internet. I’m honored to say that i got invited to write a walkthrough for my painting ‘down the river arend’. I’m sure it would be an interesting read for you fine folks. So feel free to check it out and discover some wonderful and fantastic places. Have fun!

INTERVIEWS with digital artists
Joshua Caez

The Jungle – by Radoslav Zilinsky
Down The River Arend – by Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker
Long Jorney Home – by Nathaniel West

Chosen Artists
Bechira Sorin, Sergey Musin, Phil Mcdarby, Toni Bratincevic

Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker, Dan Blomberg, Frederic St-Arnaud, Gerardo de Gerardo, Nathaniel West, Raluca Iosifescu, Valentin Petrov

Eugenio Garcia, Geofrey White, Jason Godbey, Michel Lanoie, Radoslav Zilinsky

Check out – CG CHOSEN n05 Environments

maintenanceToday i decided to remove some long time errors on the page. Lots of links got repaired and should work properly now. Especially in the galleries. I repaired the printshop links above every pic. So you can get to the shop from there by clicking on my logo. Aside of that i added fullview links to the every pic for the pages when you click on the comments button. Also repaired some dead links. I’m glad to have that done now. Nonetheless there still seem to be some layout errors in the galleries from time to time. Especially when using InternetExplorer. I’m sorry for that.



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