The Town – Movie Review

movie reviewJust finished watching this movie and can’t even find the right words to start a description of it. One part of the description would be how amazingly well this movie is done. The other part would probably be how surprised i am about the masterful work of a Ben Affleck. Now we surely know about his great skills since “Good Will Hunting” but this one surpassed everything i expected from him. Not only the movie itself is technically pretty much flawless… the writing is great too. The development of the characters and how the movie binds a connection to the viewer. You know these characters aren’t perfect and struggling with their lifes. As we all do. The characters in this movie were born into a world that made it difficult for them not to become what they are in the story the movie shows. Our main guys are some young dudes who rob banks and money transports. They eventually want to get out of their misery, or crime spiral, but everything they do to get there brings them even more trouble. And that’s probably how it is when you live in that kind of world. No matter what you do to get out of there… it will be very hard and probably not without losses.

The performances from Ben Affleck (not only behind the camera) and Jeremy Renner are really intense. A lot of very good dialogue sequences where a lot is happening in their faces. There you see some of the best there are in this field of profession. Ben Affleck really grew as an actor (much like Leonardo DiCaprio) in the past 10 years. Also as an writer an director. He’s able to get the people in his movie to shine in their moments. Pete Postlethwaite has also a small role in the movie. He’s playing some sort of irish gangster boss. His character is a real bad egg and i love every minute he’s on screen. God bless his soul.

Like i previously said the movie is pretty much flawless. Some excellent camera work and editing. The shootout scenes are full of action and very excitingly shot. There are only a few scenes that i felt weren’t necessary. But that’s all.

Oh, did i mention there’s quite some romance stuff going on too? Yes, it all sounds very much like an action movie and some people would argue that it is an action movie. But, like i said, the writing is very good and the romance part doesn’t at all feel like someone said “oh and we need something for the female audience too!”. The whole movie feels very organic.

An 8.8/10 for me.

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