Critical Mass


Thousand years ago we only dreamed of the magic we are able to do today. Today we dream of things that may be absolutely business as usual in another thousand years. Drawing energy from nothing… other dimensions maybe? We should only hope that things don’t excalate in all the greed for energy nowadays. If there is one constant in the universe then the fact that energy will always be needed to do amazing things. That could definitely sling back at us and break our necks. As we’ve all seen in recent events.

‘Energy’ was the topic for The Luminarium’s newest art collection release which can be found here – some really cool works among them. Especially the music that comes with the pack. I got invited to the group and thought i’d give it a try. Some very talented folks there. Be sure to check it out!

The making of the pic was pretty much business as usual. I struggled a bit with the structures and the final result may not be the best solution. However, i wanted to show some kind of a futuristic energy generator. Right from the beginning i knew i had to visualize the energy effect by using Apophysis fractals. This was fun. I also used the metablob function in Vue to create that weird mass thingie. A lot of post work in Photoshop again.

Vue – Photoshop – 4500 wide

Hope you enjoy the wallpapers!

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