Sci-Fi Movies – My Inspiration Pt4

movie reviewAfter a short break i’m back to continue this little series of posts. Again we have a few classics as well as a very low budget production with ‘Primer’. This movie is amazing and deserves a high recommendation if you have the chance to catch it somewhere. We also have some classics like ‘The Abyss’ and ‘Planet Of The Apes’. These movies shouldn’t be touched ever. ‘Planet…’ already got a remake from Tim Burton and it’s not a very good result in my opinion. Nothing can replace that fabulous Charlton Heston in the original.

*Not listed by favourites.

District 9

This movie, VFX wise, ranks right up there with Avatar for me. The whole integration of the aliens into the real life footage looks so amazingly good. It blew my mind! I also find the whole scenario pretty realistic. Maybe not the action parts. But definitely the concentration camp like institutions and how mankind would handle such a delicate situation. Of course the design is amazing and makes this movie a must watch for every scifi fan.

District 9 on IMDb

Children Of Men

This movie is quite a love affair too. Clive Owen should have gotten an oscar nomination for his part. There are so many amazing scenes where my jaw constantly drops to the ground. Especially the scenes with no cuts in them. Alfonso Cuarón really manages to create such a realistic futuristic atmosphere that really reminds you on the Half-Life 2 game/universe. To me the look of that future is a very sad picture with only a few shiny spots. But also a future that could be very true some day.

Children Of Men on IMDb


Now that’s a movie that can make me cry everytime i see it. Yeah i’m a whiner. :D The delivered picture of mankind is a very sad one. But, like in so many other pictures, too true. It’s certainly not the most amazing movie but as you follow our main character on his search for the blue fairy… and when he finally finds her… dear lord. Time for tears. Some might argue that the last 15mins of the movie are too much and i can understand the concerns from a storytelling standpoint. Nonetheless from a scifi fan standpoint the final minutes make the movie really interesting. Again the design is outstanding and the VFX surely are an eyecatcher. I’m still wondering how the movie would have looked and felt when Stanley Kubrick had finished it and not Spielberg. I think it would have been a bit more distanced and less hearty.

A.I. on IMDb

Planet Of The Apes (1968)

The good old planet of the apes. Well these days i often think they should place a camera in a mcdonalds restaurant and just film 70mins in there. Viola… planet of the apes. But seriously. This movie is amazing. How weird must it have been for Charlton Heston when he read the script. The good thing is… he did the movie. He made it feel believable. He sold the idea. A classic!

Planet Of The Apes on IMDb

The Abyss

It’s weird how i don’t have a connection to the director James Cameron like i have to Steven Spielberg or Ridley Scott. It’s hard to describe. But when i watch the Spielberg movies i somehow have the feeling that it’s all familiar. And Ridley Scott is the visual style that gets to me. That’s not the case with Cameron’s movies. From my point of view he doesn’t have a particular good camera work in his movies. Or the stories themselfes aren’t very surprising. I don’t feel home in these movies and nonetheless his movies rank very high in my list. The Abyss is a great example for that. I really really love the idea of that movie. And with the recent oil platform problems… i wished our aliens would come up and kick some ass.

The Abyss on IMDb


A low low low low budget movie about time travel. The ideas in the movie are quite cool and make this movie definitely worth a look. No amazing CG, not the most amazing actors and not the best camera work. But the idea works! It’s amazing.

Primer on IMDb

End of part 4. This part contains some of my all al alltime favourites. Some movies will influence me in every project. More stuff in a few days. =)



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