Sci-Fi Movies – My Inspiration Pt3

movie reviewAlright. Just for fun i sat down a while ago and compiled a list of Sci-Fi movies that are a great inspiration for me as an artist. This time we have quite some of my very favourites among them. On top surely is Event Horizon. Back then it blew me away. Especially its ideas and the gritty realistic look of it. The movie also has some very scary scenes in it. However… the inspiration is everywhere in this one. The Alien movies are amazing too. Again its the gritty design that really creates the love. Modern movies like Sunshine round things up nicely. A nice story, solid design and some really amazing visuals and scenes in the movie. Big love.

*Not listed by favourites.

Alien (1-3)

Not much to say about Ridley Scotts Alien. The Alien ship and the interior design… Classic. James Camerons ‘Aliens’ delivers less horror but some great action and more stunning visuals. Again concept work from Syd Mead. Again a big love! David Finchers Alien 3 sets itself apart from the other two. It’s much more quiet but goes down the horror tracks again. Love the design and feel again. Great acting work. Less is more in part 3. Part 4… well… it’s entertainment… but nothing original from my point of view.

Alien – 1979 on IMDb

Aliens – 1986 on IMDb

Alien3 – 1992 on IMDb

War Of The Worlds (Original & Spielberg)

I have always had problems to compare these two movies. I couldn’t say which one is the better movie. Both of them have their shining moments. Of course the VFX of the Spielberg movie are just amazing. But that also works for the old movie. There are quite some cool scenes in the old movie that could have never worked in the modernized version.

War Of The Worlds – 2005 on IMDb

War Of The Worlds – 1953 on IMDb

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

This is one of the movies i could watch over and over again. I really love the characters and, of course, the whole premise. Spielberg said he couldn’t do such a movie in that particular way today anymore… and i believe him. Good he did it back then. It got some really amazing moments. Just to mention the UFO chase sequence at the beginning. Or when the little boy gets kidnapped by the aliens. That’s a very scary scene. Or when the UFOs and aliens make contact with us at the Devils Tower. Just plain epicness! Everything works so well. Richard Dreyfuss makes it all even better. I love how he plays the character. Another all time classic.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind on IMDb

Event Horizon

Now this here is a love affair. I couldn’t even begin to explain why i love this movie so much. But yea well… certainly the whole design plays a very big role. Also the whole idea behind the story. That the ship went somewhere and came back with some sort of soul. The scientific background sounds very appealing to me. It still works scientifically! We never traveled in a way like described in the movie. Who knows what happens when we do? Where do we land? Of course it’s fiction… but still… a big love.

Event Horizon on IMDb

Worlds Collide (1951)

Another old time classic. For its release time definitely something really special! If you are into old school Sci-Fi style illustration… then this i, s a must see.

Worlds Collide on IMDb


This movie doesn’t have a lot of fans somehow and i don’t know really why. The VFX are great… the story really exciting… and the whole presentation is just eyecatching. Besides, the acting of all the cast is very believable, solid and good. And dear god… the finale… with that music part… goose bumps all over me every time i see it. I saw it in the theater and i’m glad i did. I love this movie.

Sunshine on IMDb

End of part 3. This part contains some of my all al alltime favourites. Some movies will influence me in every project. More stuff in a few days. =)



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  1. maryam Says:

    WOW! I am watching Event Horizon as per your recommendation and the scenery is so inspirational! Thank you!

  2. Tigaer Says:

    Yes definitely. Event Horizon will always be one of the top ten scifi moies for me. =) The whole idea and design really works so good. And the actors do a great job too.

  3. Interior Design Courses Says:

    Event Horizon should be an interesting film to watch.

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