Despicable Me – Movie Review

movie reviewI’m glad i catched this one while it still was in theaters. And i loved it. I watched it in 3d. This was the first time i watched an animated movie in 3d. It was cool. The only other one was Avatar. Was cool too. Nonetheless i had the feeling that the animated movies score a bit better when it comes to the 3d effect. However. I liked it!

Storywise it’s about ‘Gru’. A wannabe evil genius. Always planning the next big coup. Only this time someone got it first. And Gru hast to work out a counterplan. And the plan is to steal the moon! To do so he needs a ‘shrink gun’ which just got invented by some evil nation (my guess is koreans). To make the moon the size of a baseball. Otherwise it’s far too big, right? Now when Gru is about to steal the gun his counterpart evil genius gets it before him. Now Gru has to work out a plan to steal it back. Now three little orphan girls come into play. They wanted to sell Gru some cookies and he later saw how his enemy bought them and let the girls into his headquarter. While everyone else who tries gets really badly hurt. Now Gru’s plan is of course to adopt these girls to infiltrate his enemy’s base. To get back the gun. This is the point when it all begins to develop some heart moments and some hard laughs. These girls are so damn cute.

The Minions. Well. These guys are hilarious. They contribute a lot of funny and hearty moments to the movie. You really learn to love these guys. They kept a good balance though. Sometimes such sidekick characters can steal the show from the main characters. Not so here. I like that. The Minions represent all the little things that sort of make us human. All the little flaws. All the little childish things. Wonderful characters.

Technically there is not much to complain. The overall look is not overly detailed and that fits the overall movie well. Except for a few moments it does not reach the Pixar level. There is one crack under the window of Gru’s rocket car mobile where i saw some pixelation. I don’t think that was intended. And if so… well… i would have removed it. But that’s all.

So yeah. It’s surely listed on top of the animated movies this year. Right there with ‘How To Train A Dragon’. And no… i’m not a Toy Story fan.

Go see it! Or wait for the Bluray. It’s definitely getting my recommendation.


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2 Responses to “Despicable Me – Movie Review”

  1. David W. Says:

    Despicable Me was an awesomely adorable movie. The previews and commercials made it out to be a lot dumber then it was. Nice review, Christian. It’s too bad you’re not a Toy Story fan though. ;)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    It really is. And yeah… Toy Story… i never liked it too much. Pixars like Wall-E are more my thing. Love that one.

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