Sci-Fi Movies – My Inspiration Pt2

movie reviewAlright. Just for fun i sat down a while ago and compiled a list of Sci-Fi movies that are a great inspiration for me as an artist. By inspiration i don’t always mean the whole visual style of a movie but also the atmosphere and the ideas behind the story. ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ is a good example. It may be an old movie but still widens the horizon with its ideas. This is part two of the list.

*Not listed by favourites.

Moon 44

One of Roland Emmerich’s early big budget films. At least back then. And certainly not a very good one. Except for the look and design. That’s what i like that movie for. Its dark gritty and industrial look. It also has some nice characters. Some real bad asses. I like to watch it every once in a while.

Moon 44 on IMDb

Total Recall

One of THE Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. And certainly one of THE Mars movies you should have seen. A very clever story, inspired by a short story from Philip K. Dick. Even though the original short story reads quite differently than the movie. The movie of course scores with some very great action pieces and great design. Even if the marsian landscapes were mostly miniatures i still love the camera flights right above and through the canyons. Like i read there is a new ‘Total Recall’ in the makes. This time closer to the original short story. It will be a very different movie. Surely as cool and interesting as the Schwarzenegger one. But less action.

Total Recall on IMDb

Startrek (All Movies)

If i would have to pick favourites then i would say the very first Startrek movie is a must watch. Again there were visual concepts from Syd Mead. ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ is probably the best Statrek movie of all times. Startrek 6 ranks pretty high too. I really love its cold war references and its very clever story. The newest addition and reboot of the series offers some amazing visuals too. All of them can deliver some nice inspiration. Of course the series had some weak movies too. Especially Startrek 5. But the painting work at the beginning looks nice in this one. Later when the digital age kicked in we got to see some nice battles. Startrek 8 starts with one nice fight against the Borg. So yes, visually i would suggest to have seen all of them.


You’ve probably seen it. Inspiration wise it’s a must watch. The industry’s best concept guys worked on it. Visually it can’t get any better than this. At least not any time soon.

Avatar on IMDb

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

I admit it’s quite an oldie but its message is still relevant. It’s also funny because of the ideas they had back then. The VFX redefined quite a few things back then and did set new standards. The message basically is that we should keep an eye on what we as mankind do. How dangerous we as a species can be to not only ourselfes.

The Day The Earth Stood Still on IMDb

End of part 2. I think when you have seen and studied these movie you have all the basics you need. More stuff in a few days. The list is still filled. =)



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