Prince of Persia – Movie Review

movie reviewEvery summer has its big big summer movie. Now this one surely is the biggest candidate for this year. It got all the ingredients. It got that special ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ feel to it. No wonder… it’s a big Jerry Bruckheimer production. It got everything these productions are known for.

I don’t think i have to say much about the story since most of you have probably seen it by now. It’s no big eye opener but nonetheless very entertaining. I felt a bit bored sometimes because there were a few lengthy parts i think. However the characters, played by Jake Gyllenhaal and a wonderful and beautiful Gemma Arterton, are fun to watch. Jake is playing a very unusual role. When you look into his acting past then there never was such a superhero role where there was a lot of body work involved. He’s doing a great job with that. That means he really is a good actor and very versatile. Gemma Arterton on the other hand plays the perfect counterpart to Jake’s character. Both create some funny moments in their scenes together. As well as some romance too of course. They are both fun to watch and they both carry the movie nicely.

In other roles are a Ben Kingsley as the bad guy. He has no problems with his character. Nonetheless it feels a bit underwhelming. They should have given him more evil character scenes. Alfred Molina has a part too and does his job nicely. You see his character not very friendly when we first meet him. Later his character is changing and you start to like him. Solid jobs from my point of view. Both of them could need bigger parts to really use their amazing talent though.

The VFX are nice and especially the finale is an eyecatcher. Other scenes in the movie don’t really get the right mood accross somehow. Maybe they got into some deadline trouble. Some more detail in certain scenes would have been nice. Anyway… solid job from the VFX people nonetheless.

Overall it definitely is a summer movie. If you got a few bucks left… go see it. If not… just wait for the dvd and make a nice movie evening with friends.

A 7.0/10 from me.

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