Benchmark Time newsPhoenix Rising – it’s been quiet the last few weeks but busy in the background. Last november i started to work on something that turned out to be my benchmark painting for this year. It’s by far the biggest project i ever did and it covers pretty much everything i learned over the past 5 years. This march i started to really work on it and now it’s in its final stages. May was always the month of my big projects so i hope i can finish this up soon. It will include a great wallpaper pack as well as quite some background info to the project. So right now it’s more than 2 months of work on it. The painting is pretty much done but i have some plans for it and therefor i’ll wait with the release a bit longer.

Again it’s a futuristic cityscape. I don’t know why it’s my favourite theme keeping in mind how damn complicated it can be to create stuff like that. I guess i want to really master that field and with this project i guess i get close to mastering it. Last years CGChoice award win really pushed me to go a step further and i really did it. I hope you guys will agree when you see it because i don’t think i’ll attack such a big project any time soon again. So much work in it!

So much for this little report. Stay tuned! I hope to release the project by the end of may.



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