Comcept 16

Comcept 16

Yet another comcept piece for the series. Like comcept 15 it’s a test with Vue and some new plant models. Again i tried to bring in variety and chaos without to lose the eye for a somewhat good composition. All this just for fun. I like this more than the pevious comcept piece. I think the lighting works better here and the overall look feels a bit magic. Maybe my imagination plays tricks on me here. I used the multipass images Vue created for this one to get more detail off the shadowy areas. That worked very nice and created more volume on the textures… if that makes any sense. =D However… i like this one.

That said… i hope you guys enjoy the Wallpaper Pack. 1680×1050 & 1920×1200 version of the scene. Have fun with it!


wallpapers available



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