Moon – Review

movie reviewRecently i had the chance to finally see it. It’s one of these Sci-Fi movies that make you go ‘WOW’. The movie was made for 5 million dollars. And what a movie it is. It lives without to jump to tons of locations. Without superexpensive VFX. And it works great!

Storywise it’s about a man trapped on the moon, in a station/control center, watching over some mineral collectors. Huge machines crawling the moon surface. If there’s something wrong then it’s his job to look and fix it. He’s also trapped in a 3yr contract. A long time. The only other being he can talk to is Gerty. The concept of Gerty is similar to HAL 9000 from Kubricks 2001. It’s there to help and to make living a bit easier. Our lovely main guy has still 2 weeks to go when some weird things start to happen…

Sam Rockwell is one of the actors i really really love. He can do so much. A wide wide artistic arsenal. And that’s what he’s showing off in this movie. He’s basically the only person we see. It takes him almost no time and you connect to the character he’s playing. You feel for him and you hope for him to end the last 2 weeks without complications. He’s able to get across the isolation and what it does to you so amazingly well. When the things start to happen you can read the confusion in his face. You don’t actually need any words. He’s carrying the movie. And he’s doing it so good.

VFX wise there aren’t many scenes. But the ones we see are done nicely. Nothing that blows you away but good and absolutely believable.

The only disappointing thing was the too fast ending. The last two minutes so to say. The off comments when we look down to planet earth. I guess i would have chosen to deliver the infos via written text instead of spoken messages. But that’s two minutes of a 90 minute movie.

This movie gets a 8.0/10 from me.

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