Terminator: Salvation – Review

movie review This is a movie i wanted to see on the big screen when it was in theaters. Unfortunately a nasty flu crossed my plans. However. I read a lot of reviews and almost every review had a bad tone. So i had no big expectations when i had the chance to watch it. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing to have. Because i somehow like this movie!

Alright alright. This movie has a lot of flaws. Indeed. But you will get a pretty solid action packed movie when you’re able to overlook them. It’s fun to watch. Even if it’s not what you would expect this sequel to be. It’s not the actual continuation of the series i had in mind when i heard of a 4th terminator movie.

Storywise it’s war. The machines have risen and try to search and destroy the last human being to get the control over the planet. What we see of earth is pretty depressing. A giant desert and destroyed cities. John Connor is a grown man now and leader of a resistance cell near Los Angeles. Christian Bale does play the John Conner in a solid way. Exactly how you would expect him to play Connor. Now he is not directly the focus of the story in this movie. It’s more focused on Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington. He’s a machine who doesn’t know he’s a machine. He still feels and thinks like a human. Worthington plays his part really good. Reading his face you never know what exactly he’s up to. Now with him being in Avatar, a leading role too, it’s really nice to see someone new stepping up. I already like to see more of him. Eventually Marcus Wright and John Connor meet up and have to work together. That leads us to some very interesting places.

The VFX are really cool and nicely executed. Not much more to say here. It’s pure fun to watch the destruction and action sequences unfold. I think ILM did a nice job there.

It’s a good fun movie. Check it out if you’re bored!

This movie gets a 7.5/10 from me.

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