New Decade, New Operating System! newsEvery once in a while it’s good to change something. I said it before and i’ll say it again. For now it’s a new operating system for my workhorse of a PC. Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit). Right now i’m in the final stages of setting up my hard drives and fixing technical issues. Basically everything is up and running. And it’s fast. Even after i filled up my drives with data. Lets see how fast this windows is when it worked for a few months. The past tells us that every windows slows down after a while. However. It’s a new system with some good changes and enhancements that will make the navigation through the data environment much more efficient. Looks like Microsoft got a few things right here. Hope they continue with that. Now i promise that there will be some more artistic stuff coming soon. Just wanted that operating system change done before i add new stuff to the site.

Well… stay tuned!



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