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movie review Now, finally, i made the movie to grace my eyes with its sheer beauty. It was a torture to get good seats in our imax here. And i wanted good seats for it! Almost desperately. That’s the movie freak in me.

Alright, the movie. Well, what i can i say. It met my expectations… but didn’t blow them away. When it comes to the story then it’s feeling a bit rushed. Even for its 160 minutes playtime. I would have wished myself to see earth. As a contrast to what we’re seeing in the movie and why the humans are so desperately trying to get those minerals. All that backstory is missing. All we know is that there’s this big company who wants these minerals… at all costs. The rest of the story suits just fine. I didn’t want to see a movie with a deeper meaning. I wanted entertainment and great visuals. And that’s something i witnessed on quite a few movie websites the past weeks. Most of them ‘literally’ hate the movie. Gave it a bad rating and such. Of course it’s not a breakthrough starwars (1977) but man… it’s a good movie. It got speed, tons of eyecatchers, nice characters and a somewhat good story. That’s three more than 2012 for example. Some people get lost in their expectations and lose sight of what something, no matter what it is, actually wants to be.

The characters in the movie are divided in typical good and bad parts. The characters are also not particularly deep. But our actors try to make the best of it and i think they succeed. Sigourney Weaver for example plays a smaller part but still managed to make her appearance memorable. The bad guys really are bad guys and you soon learn to hate them for their short-sightedness. The transition Sam Worthington’s character makes is well translated too. Well it all can be done better and so it is here. But again… for what the movie wants to be… it’s doing its job fine. So much for the live action characters. But i guess the same goes for the digital characters. Even though i think they couldn’t have been done better. That includes the acting.

The VFX… well, what to say here. They’re pretty much amazing. For me it’s not the ultimate breakthrough and everything… but what they really did was to push current technologies to the limits. With success! The planet looks like a place i would love to explore. The animals, the plant life and the whole environment feels very real and detailed. Especially the 3D effect does a lot of magic there. It’s the quiet and slow scenes that make the world come to life. It’s like you’re right there, in the middle of everything. Nice experience.

Ultimately this movie represents the perfect so called ‘popcorn movie’. It’s pure entertainment. And with the already open discussion of more movies… i’m sure we will see even more fantastic places of pandora. And hopefully some backstory to why the humans are so desperate for that mineral.

This movie gets a 8.2/10 for me.

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2 Responses to “Avatar 3D – Review”

  1. Auron Says:

    The movie seriously lacks shades of gray, a bit disappointing really. I would have preferred a more serious moral discourse, what if that mineral is needed in order to save hundreds of human lives? They never asked questions like that, just perfect binary opposition. Good vs evil, dull.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    Totally agree. It’s doesn’t feel like a very ‘serious’ movie. Even if they used 160mins to tell the story. Nonetheless a nice ride. =)

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