I just noticed that it’s far too long since i posted my last picture! It’s been a bit busy here recently. However! The last weeks i’m playing around with Vue 8. And finally i found the time to finish up a pic. There’s no big background story here. I was just testing around. The new clouds in Vue 8 really are a bit better than in Vue 7. It still takes ages to render them… but they look good. In this picture we probably have 75% Vue and 25% Photoshop. I used Photoshop to tweak colours and atmosphere. As well as lighting and fixing some weird render results. Especially edges and such things. Smoothing them out. I also painted a few highlights in and added some subtle textures.

Render Info:

My machine is a i7 920 and 12gb ram. For a 3000px wide render it took 4hrs and 30mins to finish. So yeah. Detailed clouds still are time consuming. And i doubt that will change. The terrain was a procedural. Which needed some time too.

Hope you like it as much as i do!

3000px wide – photoshop – vue – intuos3


wallpapers available


3 Responses to “SHORES OF CLOUDS”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Love the way that sun illuminates light off those clouds and yes it has been too long since I’ve seen another work of art on your site lol.

  2. Bahre Says:

    Awesome as always! Any chance of finding 1920×1200 versions of some of your wallpapers?

  3. Tigaer Says:

    only in special packs. maybe for christmas for a limited time :) the resolution is a bit too good and the pics could be used for printing without my persmission.

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