OFFICIAL CALENDAR 2010 newsTime flies by! And it seems i say that every year. However… the time is right and i took myself some time to create a nifty calendar for YOUR 2010! Man. 2010 sounds like a Sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Very weird. Now this year the calendar contains completely new works from my 2009 collection. No recycling of older artworks. Even though i’m thinking some of you would have liked it to see some older works in it too. :) In retrospective i’m proud of my work this year. It’s some solid work and the presentation within the calendar looks cool too i think. So if you want to discover a new world every month or you want someone to discover these worlds with you… go ahead and check out the calendar. :) I’m sure it’s something for everyone! Discover…!

Get The Calendar For 2010!



2 Responses to “OFFICIAL CALENDAR 2010”

  1. Grieger Says:

    Nice calender. I love the way how it’s made.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    thank you :)

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