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movie reviewI have a few dozen movies that i would say make it into my all time best list. Now i recently watched Unforgiven again and man… it reminded me why it’s right there on top of my list. Probably the top10. I’m sure a lot of you people have seen it and i don’t know what’s your opinion. But for me it’s some amazing work.

The film is directed by Clint Eastwood. Who is also playing the main character of the movie. This character is so well played that, even after seeing the movie for so many times, it still captures me. That pretty much goes for all the leading actors in that movie. Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman… so captivating. Especially Gene Hackman who’s playing the ultimate badass. And you know he’s giving some good work since you really learn to hate his character in the movie.

Story wise it’s about a bounty on the heads of two cowboys who took a wrong turn in a brothel in a small town. One of the guys goes crazy and does some bad things to one of the women there. Gene Hackman’s character refuses to punish the cowboys. So the ladies take it into their own hands. The news spread fast. Easy money for everyone who’ll finish the two guys. Now a young kid knocks on Clint Eastwoods characters door and asks if he would be interested. At first he refuses but then he’s thinking that the money could come in handy. He catches up with the young guy and together they pick up Morgan Freemans character. Who is a friend of old and different times. Where he and Eastwoods character did some questionable things too. They regret these things and find it difficult to go back on tour again. Nonetheless they go and try to collect the bounty. Not knowing how much it will cost.

It’s amazing how you can pretty much read in their faces how they think about what they’re doing. The inner conflict of the heart that tells them to not do it. But the brain keeps them on their way because the money will help them so much. All the characters carry a history with them that you never see in the movie, but in the faces and actions of the characters. The movie shows how some people learn their lessons in life and others don’t. That there even may be people who would never think of regreting all the questionable things they did.

It’s by far, not action movie. It got not necessarily a happy end too. It’s a quiet one that lives through the perfomances of the actors. The camera and photography works also amazingly good and captures exactly how i would imagine the time the movie plays in.

From my point of view this is a movie that everyone should have seen at least one time.

A 9.1/10 for me.

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