Site Update To WP 2.8.3 & Personals newsIt’s been a while since i updated the WordPress core of my site. It’s always a rollercoaster ride to update since i have quite some modified things happening in the original WP files on my webspace. But so far all updates worked out correctly. Thank god! Everything uptodate now.

Beside that mandatory stuff i had quite some stuff happening the last weeks. I was in Austria visiting a friend on his birthday, had some fun there… and shortly after that i went to Berlin to see U2 performing in the Olympic Stadium. Absolutely mindblowing. If you have the chance to see their 360 Tour then… DO IT! Maybe i’ll post some photos later. :) Right now i’m a bit busy with learning Vue and Camera Mapping. It’s quite some fun… but a lot to learn before you master it completely. I’m also working on two movie projects. By no means anything big! Smaller things where i just take the chance to learn something while working on my parts for these projects. Also a tutorial in the upcoming issue of the Advanced Photoshop Magazine. More on that later. =)

Until then! Have fun on the site!


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