Angels & Demons – Review

movie reviewWe all know the controversy about the well known books of mr. Dan Brown. It seems like you either love them or hate them. I’m a bit caught in the middle. I find it interesting how he’s able to connect various mystics of religion with modern thematics to a somehow compelling story. No i never readthe books. Of course, with the success of the books, there would be movies. The first one i thought was kind of boring to me. It was fun to watch Tom Hanks solving all these weird connections… but ultimately… it left a somehow ‘not too exciting’ taste in the back of my brain. Weird brain i have!

Now in this second movie, directed once again by Ron Howard, we follow Tom Hanks again – with a better haircut though. And what would the movie be without an as smart as sexy companion on his side, played by Ayelet Zurer. Both of them make a good team throughout the movie and, once again, it’s fun to watch that pair solving the mysteries. They even throw a few jokes at the audience.

The story basically happens ’24’ like during one day… while the vatican is voting for a new pope. Our team has to clear up various things or some important kidnapped vatican people have to die. That’s what we see throughout most of the movie. The story delivers some nice twists and you never really seem to know who’s behind it all. Even if you might think you know who it is. So you want to know what’s going on. And that is why you are watching this movie. Once you know what happened… i would say the movie becomes very uninteresting. So from my point of view there is not much left that makes the movie interesting enough to watch again.

Overall the movie is very quiet. Not the typical hollywood KABOOM movie. Which i liked. Also the soundtrack was done by Hans Zimmer again. That cannot be a bad thing. He’s one of my favourite movie musicmakers. Therefor we have a few nice musical themes in this movie.

The vfx are overall standard. That means they were good enough to look believable. The main eyecatcher, an explosion above the clouds, looked pretty cool and really beautiful. You see that they wanted to make it look special. And it looked very nice and detailed.

So overall it is an entertaining movie that will do what it has to do for 2 hours. But, like the first movie, it’s definitely not a masterpiece.

A 6.8 from me. =)

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