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movie review“Forget everything you know about star trek.” You could use that phrase but i won’t. I just came home from seeing the movie on the big screen and i’m somehow happy. Happy about the way how they attacked the biggest of all problems of the huge startrek series/franchise. The extensive and superdetailed timeline. There is no way around it. It’s like a big wall that blocks every try of being creative with startrek. You have to keep in mind everything that happened, or will happen. If you dare to not keep the details in mind… every little trekkie would yell at you for not being correct! That’s a problem! A big problem!

Now the flesh and bone trekkie could say that the new startrek kind of ‘raped’ the old continuity of the whole series. But i would not go that far. As a fan i was always in the middle of startrek and starwars. I liked both series. Startrek always was a bit too slick for my taste. Starwars had the dirty, gritty look i love. Startrek has the connection to mankind as a race. While starwars doesn’t have that. So i’m writing here from a pretty neutral position.

The first hour of the movie you kind of wonder what’s actually happening. Some of our main characters get introduced and they do it in a very nice way. My biggest concerns was the role of ‘bones’. But Karl Urban kind of kicks the mood of Deforest Kelley really good. Then the story turns a bit and we begin to understand what’s actually going on. It’s pretty cleverly solved how they connected the old startrek storyline with the one in the new movie. But it also means that we have to push aside everything we knew about startrek so far. The acting, through the bench, worked pretty good. The overall cast seems to perfectly fit into their roles. It’s a remarkable thing, while having so many characters to cover, they managed to give each of them a decent part of the movie. I really really liked that. It was nice to see how every piece came together. Though sometimes you have to remind yourself that it’s a hollywood movie and nothing really realistic. So there are a few situations that may make you roll your eyes. What strikes me most is the energy this movie has. It’s looking good. It got life. It feels cool. It’s funny! Yes! There are a few very funny moments in the movie and the audience laughed more than one time during the film. Loved that.

The VFX were stunning. There’s actually nothing more i can say. It just looked great. The Vulkan city… in these mountains… beautiful. The space stuff. The fighting stuff. Really good! The one thing that kind of bothered me a bit where the quick cuts. Same with the transformers movie (and i don’t think it’ll get better in the 2nd one). Before you even understand what you just saw you get the next cut served… it’s just too fast… or am i just getting old here? Nonetheless it’s top notch fx work there. Makes me think of, once again, how i would love to be a part of something like that.

Overall that movie is quite a must see. For everyone. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a trekkie or not. It’s for everyone. It’s shiny new! It’s tasty!

Oh and by the way…

There’s this moment where Kirk gets away with the oldtimer in the beginning of the movie… when that song started to play… i was totally there. I LOVED that part. That song kind of reflects the whole movie in combination with what we knew about startrek so far. Time for something new!

Go see it!


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  1. Matt Says:

    I thought the movie would just be one of those disappointing Tv series to movie things that tend to never be as good as what was on tv. Sounds like they might have pulled it off though. I shall go and see it as soon as its orange wednesdays :)

  2. Contest Guru Says:

    I had been watching Star Trek since it is aired on television! ‘The New Star Trek” movie interest me in a sense that I could watch what this new version new faces of (casting) has to offer. Can’t wait to see it.

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