Vue is your friend! When you’re not exactly the most talented painter then Vue really helps you to create a base for your idea. The weird rock formations/mountains were quickly modelled in C4d and imported to Vue. Ecosystems added a plantlife quickly and kaboom… it’s rendered. Then the fun can happen in Photoshop. This painting is, again, some sort of training piece. Basically i wanted to create a strangely familiar, yet exotic, looking place. It’s also a different colorpalette. Surely a nice addition to my portfolio. When you check the plate (link beneath the description) you will notice how much work was done in Photoshop. Basically i used digital painting to extend different elements and got me some good photo textures to add the level of detail i wanted. The ships were added late in the process and are completely painting. Now i would love to explore this planet with one of those ships!

Hope you enjoy this world as much as i do!

intuos3 – 10hrs – 3500px wide – photoshop – vue

Vue Plate

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3 Responses to “THE EXPEDITION”

  1. -@^@- Says:

    The text at the bottom of the 1680 wallpaper appears blocky – is that on purpose or an error in the file?

  2. Tigaer Says:

    oops. looks like my upload messed up the file. corrected it now. :)

  3. Billy Feeser Says:

    Very Good post man Thanks

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