Stranger Than Fiction – Review

movie reviewSometimes you have movies you anways want to watch but you somehow never end up doing it. For me this one was a movie like that. I knew people say it’s good but meh… i don’t know. Yesterday i took me the time to watch it. Finally! And i don’t regret it. It’s a wonderful movie!

I think there’s rarely a person on this planet that cannot somehow connect to our main character. He’s definitely not mr. everybody. But in a way… he is… nonetheless. It’s weird i know. Lets just say i recognized myself within that character. Not completely… but in some of his facettes. Especially the guitar bit made me smile. Since i, now for a few months, have a guitar too and try to learn it myself as well as our man in the movie. The character i’m talking about is Harold. Played unexpectedly good by Will Ferrell. he’s an I.R.S. employee and surely doesn’t lead a too exciting life. Suddenly he hears a voice. The voice of a woman who is commenting on things he is doing at the very moment. Really funny to see how confused Harold is by that! Harold trys to find out what’s happening and finds a psychologist, played by Dustin Hoffman, who is willing to help him. After some trial and error they find a solution. In the mean time Harold falls in love with a girl, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, he met while doing his miserable job. The way this romance starts and goes along through the movie is very sweet. It’s interesting to see how all the happenings throw harold out of his daily loop. Which he was happy with! But ultimately all the craze and weird things happening made him experience things that he never would have experienced if there were not just a bit crazyness in his life. And it’s true! Lets just say i made my personal experiences. You can’t just do the same things over and over again. Sometimes something stupid and crazy must happen so you get new and fresh experiences that may change your life. And that’s what basically happens to harold. And i was happy to see how things turned out for him. Until he found out where the voice came from and what that meant for him. No spoilers here. :)

Since this is no vfx movie i cannot write a lot about that. Except for one thing. The design within the movie and how it transports the story is great! You will understand what i mean wihtin the first 2 minutes of watching this movie. I love these ways of animated design.

Awesome movie! Great acting through the bench… Ferrel, Thompson, Gyllanhaal… very nice! Sweet Story!

Perfect for a nice dvd evening with your boy/girlfriend.


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