Watchmen – Review

movie reviewNow this was a movie a lot of people really waited for. We also know the critics did not really embrace this movie. Now after i saw it i can understand why. I must also say that i do not know the actual comic. What i do know is that the comic itself enjoys a very high rating amongst critics and fans. Celebrated to be one of THE stories ever written!

Now i went into this movie without to know too much about anything. So, no big expectations… except for the fx. The movie shows us an alternative reality of the 1980s. Which, i found, looked and felt realistic. The world is still in a heavy cold war and on the brink of an atomic war with russia. At the time where, in our reality, first superhero comics came up, in the movie world the first superheroes started to mask themselfes to do good. That’s at least their intention. The introduction of how all this happened is done pretty good in the beginning of the movie. Some very stylish photographed work on the screen there. That, for me, shows that Zack Snyder belongs to a completely new kind of director. He knows what cg can do and he knows how to use it! Now in the movie our main characters struggle with society. They aren’t allowed to do their work anymore and are forced to live normal lives. Certain circumstances get them back into their costumes to do their business. Especially the Silk Spectre character is quite a sight! Flashbacks tell us the stories behind the characters and deliver some twists for the main movie plot. All this worked fine for me. Even if it’s hard to follow from time to time. The decision to go for actors that were not too well known was a good choice i think. Through that the movie has the chance to stay for its own, which it does. It also makes the whole setting much more believable. The costume work is quite a matter of taste but i have to say that the lighting work really made it all look nice. The niteowl costume for example doesn’t look too nifty. But it works because of the way they made it look and blend through the set lighting. The overall look of the movies was definitely a feast for the eye.

The cg work, except a few small things, worked really good too. I remember that scene where Dr. Manhattan dismantles a tank… that was the one scene where i thought “NO WAY!”. The texture work on the tank parts was so flat! It was ok but far away from believable! Another thing was the Mars surface. In one scene they do a little tour and i found the marsian landscape pretty boring. I can tell that what they did was quite good work. As a Mars fan, that i truly am, i would have wished to see a more exciting Mars landscape though. Aside of that everything was nice and once again a feast for the eyes!

For lovers of beautiful pictures a must see! For everyone else a recommendation. =)


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