Concept Art Short Movies newsSince, these days, i’m not a too inspired artist, i tried something i wanted to do for a while now. Recording the progress of my painting work on the screen. Now i know that live recording, while working in a memory hungry program like photoshop, can significantly slow down the whole machine. So ‘working’ becomes a pain in the a**. For now i only tried recording some of my concept work. Right now that means rough space ship designs like the ones you can see in the concept art gallery. Basically i’m just doing this to find out how it works. I also find it interesting to see how things take shape within the paintings. It’s plain fun. I’m currently thinking about getting me a new work machine here. This should make it much easier to record things. So in the future there may also be a progress video of one of my larger paintings. There are a few ideas in my head … we’ll see… =)

Even though i know that my concept art work is surely not the top notch stuff, i think it’s surely interesting to take a peek into them. Maybe there will be other artists following. Concept art stuff is fast to do and not too heavy when it comes to memory usage. So you can easily keep a recording running in the background. It’s fun. :)

The concept shorts will not be longer than 2mins and released here in 720p HD (quicktime), as well as youtube in reduced quality.



3 Responses to “Concept Art Short Movies”

  1. Jens Says:

    Don’t see why anyone would choose to watch youtube over a full video, at least for something like this where visibility really matters.

    Oh, the Vue 7 ‘Pioneer’ Testrenders still has reversed links for the first and second image.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    youtube is mainly there to spread things. beside that… the 720p versions on my site here won’t be in 100% quality. my webspace doesn’t allow me to post 50mb videos that are merely 2mins long. that’s just too much. so i try to keep the filesize below 20mb. the quality is still good enough to see what’s happening. i’m also still trying to figure out how i can do these things in the best way. the painting process within the videos is very fast. so, right now, it’s hard to see what exactly i’m doing with photoshop itself. but you can see how the painting/drawing evolves. which is quite interesting too. =) i’ll post the first one this weekend.

  3. Yenkaz Says:

    You could always post the 720p versions as torrents, or use a free hosting service, most allow for filesizes 100mb and up.

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