Valkyrie – Review

movie reviewLast week i went to see ‘Valkyrie’ on the big screen. For me as a german this movie has a very important piece of history to tell, and i wanted to see what hollywood made of it. My expectations were not too high since ‘hollywood’ often means shiny, glowing and exploding worlds. You know what i mean.

The moviee itself was the total opposite. It was a rather quiet movie that retells history pretty accurate too. The overall acting, through the bench, was captivating. You could, at any minute, feel the pressure these people stood under. Every decision they had to make was very important. And you can see that in the acting. You could read these doubts in the their eyes… as well as the fact that they knew they had to do something against the madness. It not a typical Tom Cruise movie. This one was carried by all the actors who played their part in it. The small amount of fx in this film were done very good. Especially the fact that our main character lost one hand and some fingers on the other hand. Well done in this movie.

The only thing i had hoped seeing more of it was the psychological part of these happenings. Very rarely you see the characters alone or talking to their families. Especially the family of our main character surely has a story to tell too. about all the doubts and yet the knowing they had to do something.

Ultimately it’s good to have a major budget movie that’s able to show the world that germany, at the time back then, wasn’t full of zombie people. That there were enough people trying to fight against hitler and his insane ideals. And what they said, “You cannot fight hitler from outside the army! You need to be a part of it, you need to run along with it and then find the right time to destroy evil at its very heart”.(Not exactly that, but it comes close). That’s pretty much true. You had to run along with the crazyness to have at least a small chance of getting close to the roots of evil.


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