Three Concept Paintings newsHere we have some concept paintings i did a while ago. The first two were done for a company in beverly hills to visualize some futuristic structures and places. More of less successful i managed to create some stuff for them. I, for my part, am pretty happy with the outcome. The third painting was done early 2008 for a movie project. All three of them were pretty small projects but nonetheless i learned some stuff on them.


Solar Pole 1 – This one was fun to do. It was a first try of myself to create something icy, cold and snowy. The basics were rendered in vue and heavily overpainted in photoshop.


Solar Pole 2 – Here we’re looking, from above, onto the structure we see in the first painting. This is the one i’m not too happy with. Nonetheless, as usual, i tried a lot of things and catched up some new stuff.


Eisental – A friend of mine is a screenwriter and was working on a project. He was asking me to visualize a place and i tried myself on it. Problem was that it had to be done rather quickly. I’m happy that i managed to do something half decent here. The overall image isn’t a blast but it contains some nice spots and a good looking lighting and depth.

Hope you can get some inspiration off of these. =)



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