Mark Lovett Album Cover

Mark Lovett, from UK, asked me to create a nice and slick cover for his musical endeavours. His concept was really appealing and something that fits right to my style. So i had this project done pretty fast. I really dig the outcome and hope it’ll help Mark to get the recognition he’s hoping for.

The pic itself started as a Vue render. After laying out the overall composition i moved into photoshop to refine the overall detail. Added painted elements and some good looking textures. Last but not least lighting fixes and a wonderful atmosphere. For the backside of the cover i basically took the front cover and manipulated it to make it look like we’re having the same peaceful scenery in a different daytime scenario/mood.

This project was fun! Oh and before you start to wonder… the song titles on the back cover are placeholders and from me. =)



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  1. shweta Says:

    Hey by designing such a nice cover you must have learned a lot. It has a great look.

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