X-MAS 2008 Wallpaper Pack (Update)

X-Mas 2008 Special Wallpaper Pack!

It’s christmas time! I really hope you enjoy the days and have some fun! 2007 i created a deviantart.com journal css design, with help of a friend, for you folks. This year, because of all the requests for hi-res wallpapers, i created a nice collection of 1920x1200s for you! Some of you might know that i look at these hi-res things very critical/sketical. It just offers more chances for rippers to get quality material. So this PACK will only be available a LIMITED TIME!!! I don’t know for how long i will leave it online… but at least two weeks. So get it as long as it’s fresh and tasty!!! =) Enjoy it!

Merry Christmas Ladies and Gentlemen. Thanks for the support this year!


UPDATE JAN. 16th: Alright – time is up. Hope everyone who got the pack enjoys the 1920 wallpapers! =)


5 Responses to “X-MAS 2008 Wallpaper Pack (Update)”

  1. Digigato Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  2. AkinaMeans Says:

    These are great! Thanks a lot as well!

  3. Gus Says:

    Thanks, they all look beautiful, thanks for this present :)

  4. Yenkaz Says:

    Thank you, shame it’s not possible to offer them without being afraid of plagarism.

    I’ve been planning to get a new 1920×1200 monitor, so these will come on handy!

  5. -@^@- Says:

    This is brilliant, thanks a lot! I love your artwork and it’s great to have it in 1920×1200, rather than the smaller versions that I usually have to use on my desktop. :D

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