Body Of Lies – Review

movie reviewAlright, chris went to see a movie again. The best of it… a ridley scott movie! I love his work. I recently heard something that describes his specialty perfectly: his movies not necessarily have the über-explosions to create ‘action’… but tons of detail. It just looks much more realistic than in other movies. And his attention to detail really makes ‘body of lies’ an outstanding, realistic spy movie. Forget james bond! We can only guess what possibilities spy networks have these days, but i think this movie gets pretty close.

The acting of our main characters works out pretty good. Even if dicaprios performance reminded me on his character in ‘blood diamond’ and ‘departed’. Not a bad character! To see russell crowe as a fat, old, grey haired supervisor… needs some time to get used to it. Really outstanding was the performance of mark strong. From his first line to the last one… you never know what’s really going on in his mind. He’s always leaving you guessing what plans he really follows. Awesome. Definitely worth a nomination for best actor.

The story is very up to date to current happenings in the arabic regions. Terror and how to fight it properly. A lot of things are happening and you really need to think to understand what’s going on there. It’s not a ‘sit down and eat popcorn’ movie. It’s exactly what it wants to be. A very tension packed, realistic spy movie.


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