This piece was done by me using a very different technique than usual. It clearly is a digital painting. The painting started as a just for fun design like the ones you can find in my concept art gallery. I created a nice flyer and wanted to have a cool background for it. I started and… got into a flow. I really liked what was happening on my screen. The rough shapes becoming more and more detailed. Ending up in being a painting that shows a truly amazing environment. Sometimes you are surprised by yourself when you see the end product of a project. That’s the case here. Really like the result of this project. The rough look really adds to it as well. Working with custom brushes can really boost imagination. This painting was done in a very good time. I needed a good week to get it done. That’s pretty fast for me.

A work in progress picture can be found here.

The actual flyer design can be found here.

Enjoy this new world and the wallpapers!

5000px wide – 1 week – photoshop


wallpapers available


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