X-Mas Preparations!

X-Mas Preparations!

It’s this time of the year again! Time flies by, i tell ya. Back to the cold and hard business! If you’re still on the run for christmas presents (like me) then you might find a look into my shops interesting! Beside the usual poster prints there can be found a variety of things. From mouse pads to puzzles to postcards and even ceramic mugs! Madatory are high quality prints of my paintings in several standard sizes and different sorts of paper up to canvas and fine art materials. Pretty cool stuff!

DeviantPrints Shop.

These things can be found in my deviantart.com shop – to be sure getting stuff in time place your order before the 15th of december! For customers from other countries than the U.S. – the earlier you order the better!

This shop contains the most articles i currently offer. Unfortunately no big alternatives for the european community.

Augensound Kunstshop.

An alternative for german customers.

Für interessierte aus deutschem raum ist vielleicht der augensound shop eine alternative. Von mir gibt es dort momentan nur eine kleinere auswahl. Unter digitaler illustration findet man ausgewählte paintings. Bei diesem shop handelt es sich um canvas prints sehr hochwertiger qualität!

Tigaer-Design Printshop.

A third alternative is my own shop. But i would not recommend that if you need to get your stuff fast. It usually takes me up to 2 weeks until i can ship an order. Nonetheless… info can be found here.

Shop Summary:

Worldwide Customers – preferred shop

German Customers – augensound shop

Tigaer-Design Shop – not recommended if you need your order better yesterday than tomorrow.

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