Comcept 7

Comcept 7

This comcept piece took me a while to finish. Even if i wanted to keep it loose in style i also wanted to maintain a somewhat, more or less, clean look. I tried lots of lighting things and composition wise i think it really stands out and it all comes together very well i think. At least that’s what my eye tells me. It’s one of these pics where immediately stories begin to spawn in my head. “What’s happening there? What’s the guy waiting for? Is he coming or going… and why?!” Etc etc. =) I like this kind of pic. Hope you too.

4500px wide – 20 hrs – vue – photoshop


wallpapers available


3 Responses to “Comcept 7”

  1. Jens Says:

    Another nice piece, although the light from the star seems very bright(I guess that’s what the sunscreen is for ;) )

    I was wondering if there was going to be a (widescreen) wallpaper version of this and some of your older works like Anchorage, The Chase II/III and Wolves Howling?

    Speaking of wallpapers, I’ve been using your art as wallpapers a lot, and would like to show some support, however I can’t afford buying prints; and was wondering if you would consider making it possible to make donations?

  2. Tigaer Says:

    hi. thank you for the nice words. =) i’m currently thinking about adding a wallpaper for this picture. about the donation thing… i actually was thinking about that for a while now too. on the other hand it’s sad but true that paypal isn’t free anymore. so i would only receive a fraction of the donated cash itself. for now i’m happy when people like you comment on my page and spread the word about the quality you can find here.

    that’s good enough for the moment and very appreciated! thanks for the support.

  3. Tapety Says:

    Men you have got reall talent!
    Just want to give you my respect!

    Jason Tapety

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