Tropic Thunder – Review

movie reviewLets make some noise! That might be the first line of the screenplay and the first 10 minutes of the movie. A very nice introduction of the main characters in the beginning! Somehow it’s hard to believe that this movie took more than 10 years to get done. Good things need time! The whole jungle setting with some lost actors believing everything is fake… gives some hard laughs! Stiller, downey jr., black and the rest of the crew do a great job drawing a funny caricature of the movie biz. Beside them… tom cruise really shoots the bird with his performance. You might have your opinion about his private life but he IS a damn good actor. The humor throughout the whole movie is pretty hard and surely not everyone’s taste. So it’s surely no kiddies movie. There is also lots of explosions and body part action going on. It’s so overdone that it’s funny again. I really liked that.

This movie is perfect popcorn entertainment! Very funny! Should be seen with a bunch of friends on a lazy evening. My recommendation!


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