Splacement 1 & 3

Splacement 1 & 3

These two are a little experimental. I did these for the Aurora exhibit in 2017. I had not done abstract stuff in a while and felt the itch to try something. Especially with a tool called JSplacement. It creates some really nice patterns that can be used in heightfield or displacements for 3d objects. So I decided to have some fun with it. I also used my terrain freebie on pic #1 for the big sphere. Overall I had some fun with trying something new and different. Now why is it #1 and #3… well, #2 is still wip and I’m not entirely sure where to go with it yet.

JSpacelemnt – Photoshop – Lightroom

Created for AURORA – a collaborational effort of both artgroups The Luminarium & The Cosmosys Collective in a crossover exhibit.

The artwork on:



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