Endeavours – Anticipation

Endeavours – Anticipation

“There was nothing but darkness! I heard stories of ships that never made the passage complete. Poor souls. The captain just did let us know the passage went fine and we are about to enter the atmosphere. I always wondered why the passage costs the traveler a week though. It felt like just a second. However, the passangers started cheering and clapping. Guess I wasn’t the only one wetting his pants.”

For this one I was playing around a little more than usual. There are a couple of ways to read this image. At least to me. This wasn’t planned though. First after I got done with most of the work for it, I recognized that there is probably more going on than I thought. However, the main goal was to find a way to illustrate how that ship we’re following since the beginning of the series, drops out or exits the jump gate. I played with a couple of ideas and ended up with what we can see now. The slight blue glow on the bottom was added to suggest that we are about to enter the atmosphere of the planet that will lead us to the finish line of this part of the series.

Technically it’s again business as usual with using Vue to layout and render the scene. Photoshop to bring together the rendered material and detailing elements. Lightroom helped me find a nice colour composition since, in all honesty, the plain Photoshop result looked kind of boring. So I went through Lightroom twice until I got the colours I was happy with.

8000×5333 – Vue – C4D – Photoshop – Lightroom

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