Endeavours – Forget The Way We Lived

Endeavours – Forget The Way We Lived

“It’s finally happening. Barely sleeped last night. Boarded the ship that will take me to my loved ones. My new home. Can’t wait to get there. Can’t wait to welcome that new life. The view from up here is stunning. It really gives perspective. I wonder, will I miss this place?”

In 2011 I started an open ended series of pieces, trying to tell a (even though really basic) open ended story. These were done for The Luminarium. The artgroup had picked a topic for their 15th release which was titled ‘Sequential‘. So I tried myself in creating pictures that could also be comic panels. Now we have 2017 and I finished the second part. Again I used this project to play around and try a couple of new things. Some more, some less successful.

So I took off where I left so many years ago by opening up the scene file I kept of the space station. As usual I used a Vue render as a plate and took it into Photoshop. There I added textures and played around with it quite a bit. I did not work super pixel perfect and wanted to keep it a little rough. I wasn’t happy with it for a long time. I originally approached it by going with a widescreen/cinematic format. Whatever I tried, nothing convinced me. Since the point of this whole series is to play around and try new things, I tried rotating the image. Suddenly it worked for me. I understand that it’s probably a taste thing and the overall composition is very unconventional. But rotating it 90° counter clockwise was the solution I needed. Last but not least I moved the picture into Lightroom and fiddled with the colours. Ended up with a high saturated mix that really worked for me. So in the end the piece does have a rather unusual format and I thought about cutting parts on the bottom, but ultimately decided against it.

Hope you enjoy the view too. Let’s see where it leads us!

4500×2054 – Vue – Photoshop – Lightroom


Plate 1
Plate 2

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