Another one of my big ideas done. I wanted to do that kind of image for years! Now i finally could do it. Since i saw the fellowship of the ring on the big screen i had this kind of pic in mind. When the first part of the lotr trilogy hit the big screen i barely started my journey through scenery art. back then i did not know that i would come that far with my work. today i think… it was a long way! and there is still so much to learn. special thanks to gary tonge for some composition hints! helped a lot!


not much to say this time. this time i worked with photo and painting only. manips included. no terragen or c4d. please check this link [link] for more info about how the pic was done. i worked with two psd files. the first psd to establish the basic background elements. the second psd to build in the details.

25hrs – intuos3 – 6000px wide – 300dpi – basics psd: 304mb/adv. elements psd: 451mb

inspired by: dylan cole & yanick dusseault (their lotr matte work)

wallpapers available

4 Responses to “THE FALLS”

  1. Nabil Nasr Says:

    hi christian,
    this painting is really beautiful…i was wondering how much it would cost if i want the full res to print it out for my room.
    thanks for getting back to me and keep up the great work!!
    c u!

  2. Tigaer Says:

    I’m glad you like it. :) Thank you. I will get back to you via email soon.

  3. Chris Says:

    awesome picture,really nicely done
    just a shame you had to screw it up with the fracking border at the top and bottom
    really a shame you did it to so many of your pictures

  4. Tigaer Says:

    If you’re talking about the wallpapers then i simply ‘have to’ add the borders because the original paintings don’t fit the usual wallpaper aspect ratios. Most of the time they’re simply too wide. And i’d rather try to get the full painting into the wallpaper instead of cutting off elements from it. =)

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