The Mist – Review

movie reviewTake a stephen king story with some people, lock them into a supermarket/store and let some military experiment thing go horribly wrong = good movie? Maybe a bit late for a uptodate movie review – who cares. ;p

Alright ladies and gentlemen, i recently had the pleasure to risk a look into ‘the mist’. I had no expectations since i had no idea what was the plot in there. So on one hand i was impressed, really impressed, by the execution of the concept they were going for. The acting was alright even if there were some weird things with the screenplay. Some pretty useless conversations taking place in that store. The cg could have been better but the reactions by the actors to the cg were good… so it generally worked good enough.

So basically the movie is a mix of ‘evolution’ (without the funny) and ‘signs’ for me. How do people, and modern society dynamics, work under crazy conditions. So there is an experiment going wrong and the ecologic-environment of another dimension enters ours by some, not further described, gate on a, not shown, military base. So there’s this fog which is coming over a small town that lies near that military base. Things happen in that fog… ;p craaazy things. Weird creatures seem to live in it. Almost like the fog builds the atmosphere of a foreign planet/dimension/world where these creatures can live in.

So there’s a bunch of people trapped in that store… and they see how the fog comes over them, how weird and aggressive creatures start to appear. Some people die and the rest of them start to go crazy. In the end a few people, and our main character, make it out of the store to a car and they try to get away… out of the fog.

So now to the thing that, for me, kind of ruins the overall great impression of the film. so in the end they run out of gas and they don’t know where to go. The world is filled with that fog. You hear noises of creatures in the background which creates a great atmosphere. You recognize everything you see, but the world feels completely wrong. They have a few rounds left for the gun they have. Enough rounds for everyone except our main character. So he kills everyone with their permission. They see no other way. so he gets out of the car and screams around. Hoping for a creature coming to kill him.

now guess what happens!!!!

An army tank appears. The fog is lifting.

DEAR LOOOOOORD… is it just me or is THIS ending completely ridiculous?! I mean… 3 mins ago he killed his buddies and then this crap happens?! Stuuuuuupid. How can anyone agree to that kind of ending for that movie?! It’s almost the same like “i am legend” – the ending there were crazy ridiculous too. They made an alternative ending for “legend” and it’s soooooooo much better. I would love to hear the directors opinion on that. So for “the mist” i would have been ok with the tank and the rescue… but the fact that the fog goes away too… really ruins the ending. I mean i loved the idea that there was a new world, with really exotic creatures, in our world. In the world we used to know. But kazaaaam… and it’s away. Stupid.

So a 6.5/10

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