This project started as a commission and ended as a personal project. I had some wonderful photo plates i started to fiddle around with. Then the client jumped off and i continued on it myself. No big story behind it actually. Just another scene that i would love to witness with my own eyes… ‘for real’ so to say. I have had this ‘big alien monolith’ kind of theme in previous paintings too… and i guess it follows me. Let’s just say we colonize other planets and happen to find these huge structures. Scientists are trying to analyze them. Soon they find out that they’re some alien relic. They emit some sort of energy to the planet atmosphere. But what exactly is happening? It could end in a surprise…

Maybe a bit inspired by the mass effect game again. But it was more the opening sequence of wing commander III. There was this huge spaceship crashed into the sea and the name of the place was ‘mistral’. I always liked that name and the idea of a beach scene on another planet.

Technically i worked with digital matte painting techniques to get it done. I wanted to have a photoreal look for it. I did not do a photoreal painting in a while… so i wanted to have something done again. Stocks used for the beach, own photo material used for other elements. The monoliths and some vegetation done with vue. All combined in photoshop. I took myself some with this one so the work took place over a period of two months. Maybe 40hrs of work in it.

intuos3 – 40hrs – 5800px wide – photoshop – vue

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  1. Cold Sores Home Remedies Says:

    Absolutely beautiful work, very nicely done.


  2. noname Says:

    Works like that have very special atmosphere… making me speechless.

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